I Has a Website!!!

Hi 👋, I'm Rafe. I'm a Ruby developer and I live in Vermont and I do Vermont things coax plants out of the ground 4 months of the year, haul firewood inside the other 8, and complain about slow internet service year round. I started this blog to help me think through stuff. Thanks for reading my whiteboard!

I also built it as an excuse to play around with this shiny static site generator Bridgetown. It's a modernized Jekyll with built-in webpack support, and it's been a joy to use so far. Run yarn add bootstrap 🥾 and I've got a grid. Then bridgetown configure purgecss and my website fits on a floppy disk again 💾! I'm still not completely settled on where the Creative Commons license should go but I should probably just get to writing. Render.com is the new hotness for devops-free hosting (and they're free for static sites, w00t!). Push directly to Github and suddenly, boom! 💥 I have a website.

I need to say that part again. I HAVE A WEBSITE! You guys... 😃. I wish you could see how giddy I am right now. Somewhere inside of me, an awkward 14 year old who was too shy to type anything in the America Online chatrooms is smiling. So my promise to you, Dear Reader, is that I shall make this Web Site the best retro-themed homage to classic web culture that I possibly can. Note this may include blink tags recreated with javascript, but I swear they'll be used tastefully and with restraint*.